The Fall 2022 season is here!



Remember, absolutely NO prior experience is necessary to join!

Fun, lug, and friendship.

Reasons to join our team:

Meet and work out with the best people on campus!

You'll learn invaluable life skills like resourcefulness, empathy, persistence, and the importance of sunscreen and hydration.

No other club on campus loves dogs as much as we do.

100% true fun facts about our team

  • We play ultimate frisbee.
  • We're good at playing ultimate frisbee.
  • Our coaches Punky, Avo, and Julia are absolutely amazing.
  • As a team, we eat 50,000 calories worth of food on a tournament day (mostly takis and bagels).
  • We blast the best tunes at tournaments from our beloved speaker. Can you guess its name?.
  • We are very pro-hot tub.
  • #34 on the Berkeley Pie Queens said our team was the only one who's cheers rivaled their own.
  • We give the best nicknames in the country.
  • Everyone on our team is really cool

Our Wonderful 21-2022 Donors!

  • Jamie Hall
  • Barbara Miller
  • Joan Flaks
  • Mary Hartwick
  • Alan Mittelstaedt
  • Mahesh Hariharan
  • Valerie Blau
  • Mark Hall
  • Katherine Saunders
  • Tanmay Shankar
  • Kara Dziedzic
  • Wendy Cao
  • Catherine Dziedzic
  • Veena Vijai
  • Christopher Haussler
  • Katarzyna Pawlina
  • Claire Burch
  • Ron and Michelle Burch
  • Katy Aflatouni